FromToSaloonfrom 23:55 to 5:00 amMPVMeet and Greet
East GrinsteadGatwick Airport£16£24£24+£9 and parking chages
East GrinsteadHeathrow Airport
£80£80+£9 and parking charges
East GrinsteadEbbsfleet International£55£80£80+£0


Our lowest price is £4 and includes a ride up to 1 mile long.

After the first mile, we charge £1.40 per mile and measure price to one-tenth of a mile to secure fair charges.

We have fixed charges for airports and some hotels. For example, going from East Grinstead to Gatwick airport is £16.


Some of our drivers have in their cars portable card payment device allowing to pay by your debit or credit card. According to the new regulations, there are no extra charges for the card payment.


There are administrative expenses connected with keeping an account for our customers because of which we have to add about 5-10% to the usual price.


If customers have a bigger volume of luggage, we can send an estate car for which is charged extra £7 on to of the usual fare. For example, in case of Forest Row to Gatwick airport, the basic fee is £20 plus £7 for estate car comes up to £27 in total.


When customer orders MPV for 5 or 6 people, the price is 1,5 of the usual charge. For example, from Ashurst Wood to Gatwick airport it is £18 for saloon car and £27 for MPV.


In case of customer going from place out of East Grinstead to another place which is out of East Grinstead, the price is calculated as if the customer traveled from East Grinstead.

Example 1: Customer goes from Forest Row to Nutley. The distance between these two towns is just 5.3 miles, but to the price of the taxi is added 3.5 miles between East Grinstead town center and Forest Row.

Example 2: Customer travels from Horsted Keynes to West Hoathly and does not go via East Grinstead at all. In this situation, we add up distances from East Grinstead to Horsted Keynes to West Hoathly and then back to East Grinstead and the total distance is halved  (divided by two) and the customer is charged half of the full distance the car has traveled.


Waiting time is £20 per hour of waiting. We do not charge waiting time for being held up in congestion.


When the majority of the ride occurs between midnight and 5:00 am, the prices are time and a half. Even if you order a car to take you from East Grinstead to Heathrow airport at 23:50, the price still will be time and half, because the majority of the driver’s work occurs after midnight. In this example, the driver would get back home at around 2:00 am so you can see that he deserves something extra for his work.